Full Bellies: Thank You Ocean State Job Lot for the Pet Food Donation!

Last week, Ocean State Job Lot announced a new pet food opportunity as part of the Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation, offering free pet food to local animal welfare organizations!

Pope Memorial Humane Society was fortunate enough to be a recipient of the pet food, and we can’t thank Ocean State Job Lot enough for this generous donation! When we arrived at our local store in Rockland this past Saturday, the Ocean State Job Lot team was kind and welcoming and even helped us load the food into the PMHS van!

Ocean State Job Lot, you’re the reason hundreds of homeless pups and kits have full bellies today! Your incredible donation is making a world of difference for homeless pets in need. Thank you for caring!!

**A special shoutout to everyone (there were a lot of you) who tagged PMHS in the Ocean State Job Lot social media post or sent us messages to let us know about the opportunity! It’s a special feeling to know so many of you are looking out for the homeless pets in our care at PMHS. You’re the best!!!**

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