Where are you located? When can I visit the shelter?

Pope Memorial Humane Society is located at 25 Buttermilk Lane in Thomaston, Maine. The shelter is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm, closed the third Wednesday of each month, and all major holidays.

How do I report an animal cruelty or neglect situation?

If you suspect that you may have witnessed an act of animal cruelty, neglect, or abuse, please contact your local animal control officer. You can also report animal cruelty or neglect to the State Animal Welfare Office at 207-287-3846. If it is after regular business hours or an emergency that requires immediate assistance, contact your local police department.

Whom should I call when I see a loose dog, a roaming cat, or a dead animal in my street/yard neighborhood? Will PMHS pick up stray animals?

If you spot or have found a stray animal, please contact your local animal control officer, additional information on what to do can be found on the Lost & Found section of the PMHS website.

Pope Memorial Humane Society does not pick up animals. Stray animals should be reported to your local animal control officer. Please refer to this list of local animal control officers.

What happens if my pet is brought to the shelter?

When a stray animal is brought to the shelter it is checked for an I.D. tag and scanned for a microchip. The description of the animal is compared to animals that have been reported as being lost to Pope Memorial Humane Society. If no identification is found and we are unable to reunite the pet with its owner, the pet is held for the requisite amount of time (six days for a dog, forty-eight hours for a cat) before the shelter takes ownership of the pet and is placed for adoption.

Does the shelter accept open bags of food?

Yes, PMHS will be happy to accept your open bags of food. If the food has been removed from its original packaging, please label it prior to donating it to the shelter.

Does the shelter provide veterinary care for owned animals?

No, the shelter does not provide veterinary care for owned animals; we have many wonderful veterinarians in our community who can assist you with your pet.  We do, however, offer micro-chipping at the shelter for $25 per pet.

My pet needs to be spayed/neutered. Will you help?

PMHS offers vouchers for up to $100 off the spay/neuter procedure cost to residents of towns that contract with PMHS. For more information, please visit the programs section of our website.

My pet ingested something it shouldn’t have/I have a pet emergency what should I do?

If you think your pet ingested something it shouldn’t have or have an emergency, please get in touch with your veterinarian immediately. If you have an emergency after hours, please call the Midcoast Animal Emergency Clinic at 207-273-1100. For poison control information, you can also contact ASPCA Poison Control at 888-426-4435.

Are you a “no kill” shelter?

PMHS adopts out all adoptable animals to new homes regardless of breed or age.  There are no time or space limits for animals in the shelter’s care. We regularly adopt out, reunite with family or send to rescue over 97% of the pets that come through our doors. Pets that are determined to be a health or safety risk to humans or other pets will not be placed for adoption.

If I make a gift to a national organization such as the HSUS or the ASPCA, does PMHSKC receive a portion of my donation?

PMHS is a private, independent non-profit 501(c)3 organization and is not affiliated with HSUS or any other national animal welfare entity nor do we receive any funds from national organizations. We are primarily funded by voluntary donations from individuals and businesses in our community. Funding for PMHS’s programs and services from donors is received in the form of cash donations, bequests, trusts and endowments, and fees.

I want to adopt a pet. What is the adoption process?

Making the decision to adopt an animal is exciting. Visit the How to Adopt section of the website for details on adopting through PMHS.

What does the adoption fee include?

Adoption fees include testing, spay/neuter, rabies shots, age-appropriate vaccinations, and a microchip. For more information visit the Adoption Fees section of this website.

I just lost my cat/dog. What do I do?

When your pet strays from you it is never easy. Please visit the Lost and Found section of this website to see local resources to help reunite you with your lost pet.

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