Adopting a pet into your family is exciting! When a pet chooses you (yes, they typically choose you!), Pope Memorial Humane Society (PMHS) adoption counselors do their best to make the adoption experience fast, fun, and friendly so you can take your new friend home as soon as possible. Keep reading for more information on the adoption process and how to best prepare for the happy event.

  • Step 1: Complete the Adoption Application
    • Individuals wishing to adopt a pet from PMHS must complete an application. A valid form of identification is required. Adopters must be 18+ years of age to sign the adoption forms. If you rent your home, please come prepared with your landlord’s information or a copy of your lease so that we can confirm pets are allowed in your residence. If you apply for an animal that is not yet ready for adoption, please note that we may not be able to provide you with an exact timeline for when the animal will be ready for adoption.
  • Step 2: Speak with an Adoption Counselor
    • When your application is complete, an Adoption Counselor will review it and reach out to you to answer any questions that you may have. You are also welcome to call PMHS at (207) 594-2200 to check the status of your application. We ask that you wait for 24 to 48 hours after you fill out your application before calling. Our adoption staff is there to support you and set you and your new pet up for success, so please be sure to ask any questions you may have. 
  • Step 3: Schedule a Meet and Greet/Slumber Party
    • The shelter has visitation rooms where you can become acquainted with the pets one on one to get a feel for their personalities and needs. While we know our pet photos are adorable, it’s best to select your companion based on their personality and compatibility with your family and lifestyle, not looks alone.
    • Through the Slumber Party program, we offer adopters the opportunity to spend time at home with a potential pet before committing to adoption. The Slumber Party is a foster-to-adopt program available for dogs over six months old. A Slumber Party generally lasts for one week, but the shelter manager may approve additional time.
    • PMHS recognizes that not all Slumber Parties will result in an adoption. When the hosting family returns the hosted pet to the Shelter, the family completes a Clean Sheet form, a questionnaire designed to learn about the pet’s behavior in the home. This new information will help us make a more suitable match for the animal and does not disqualify the potential adopters from adopting another animal.
  • Step 4: The Adoption is processed
    • Once your application is approved, the Adoption Counselor will complete the necessary paperwork and review it with you. In addition to the adoption contract, you will receive a list of all vaccinations and medical treatments that the animal has received while in our care. At this time, you will pay the adoption fee for the pet you’ve chosen to adopt.
  • Step 5: Complimentary veterinary follow up exam
    • All pets adopted from PMHS receive a FREE veterinary exam certificate/voucher to be used within ten days of adoption. You can use the certificate/voucher at one of many local veterinarians. This certificate will cover a basic veterinary examination. It’s essential to establish a primary veterinarian for your new pet.

Adoption Application

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